2011_Jan. 23_ On the Way HomeFinally, I completed my job in Shanghai and I could go back home. In this week in Shanghai, it was very hard for me because I got sereious caught and the weather 長灘島was extreamly cold with snowing in two days. The white world was not romantic but cold. I hated that.Since the direct flight had been approved by both Taiwan and China, I rarely take the 吳哥窟transferred flight via Hong Kong to Shanghai. Thist time, many seat were full in directly flight so that I have no choice. Since the flight will take off on 4pm, I have to leave dorm @1 PM. 帛琉As you know, I slept late till 11am and packed rush in one hour to meet the pick up car without haveing lunch. So, I had it in the airport, Burger King. It was not cheap with RMB 32. In 當鋪Shanghai Airport, there was almost no body in the waiting place.OK, its time to see the dish in DragonAir. Even I had a cold, I took Haggen Dos ....... great ! haPeople who know me are all 貸款understanding that I love the glass marked DragonAir. YES. I collected it back home again, as usual. Haha After 2 hours flight, I arrived Hong Kong Airport and I saw there is ZARA shop there. 借錢( I heard it was built last year.) Surely, I sent much time inside but bought nothing. Too expensive for me . . . i ignore the time .... and late to gate Ok, finally, I got on the plane but 房屋二胎see the dish . . . . .it was worst than DragonAir . .. . in the time of 10:40pm, I arrived Taiwan where is my home town..I had no idea why there were so many people in the midnight . . . .. 票貼. Everytime I came back Taiwan, I told myself that I would never, ever go to China again . And also, I feel love Taiwan more than that before . . . . .But, I did not change my working style. 二胎I mean I cannot change it unless leave this company. I wonder if I can stand after I get married and haveing baby in the near future. . . Maybe I can leave this topic now because I might do 汽車借款it after 2 years. . . ha
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